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The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

handmaidOverall rating: 4/5

After I watched the television adaption of Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, I became very interested in her novel and bought it as soon as I could. The popular topic of discussion surrounding The Handmaid’s Tale is the relevance that it has in the states, and it was alarming to me how much I agreed with the sentiment.

The novel tells the story of Offred, who fans have assumed her real name was June, a Handmaid in the States where a totalitarian, Christian theonomy has overthrown the government. The Handmaid’s are women who are still fertile, as something occurred to cause men and women to become sterile, and those in power round them up like cattle and give them to important men and their wives in hopes that the man knocks her up within a couple of years.

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Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

FrostbittenbyKelleyArmstrongOverall rating: 4/5

Frostbitten, the 10th book in the Women of the Otherworld series, finds our favourite female werewolf, Elena Michaels, attempting to track down an Australian mutt, Reese Williams, who may have gotten mixed up with some bad wolves and her search leads her Anchorage, Alaska. With only three books in the main series remaining, I’m excited and sad to almost be finished this series.

After meeting back up with Clay after some time apart, they finally manage to grab Reese after he had a run in with some other wolves and send him off to stay with the Sorrentinos. Clay and Elena stay behind to try to address the issue of these other werewolves, and run into a father and son, Denis and Joey Stillwell, who used to be a part of the Pack. Joey sends Elena and Clay away when they try to ask about the mutts in Anchorage, and the pair come across Denis in a cabin where he has been tortured and killed by the mutts.

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Unleash the Night by Sherrilynn Kenyon

84139Overall rating: 3/5

While attempting to deal with the assumed death of her friend, Marguerite (Maggie) Goudeau, visits one of Nick Gautier’s old haunts, the bar known as Sanctuary. While there with a few pretentious ‘friends’, Maggie meets one of Nick’s former friends, Wren Tigarian, who calls Sanctuary his home.  Wren feels an immediate connection to Maggie, and goes against everything in his world to form a relationship with her.

Maggie has no idea that Sanctuary is just that for Were Hunters, humans that can turn into animals and animals who can turn into humans, and that Wren is a rare breed known as tigard. Wren’s people attempt to stay as far away from humans as possible, though Wren cannot seem to shake his attraction to Maggie.

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Cress by Marissa Meyer

13206828Overall rating: 4/5

After telling Cinder that Lunar Queen Levana had the castle bugged, Crescent Moon makes contact with Cinder on Carswell Thorne’s stolen Rampion and asks to be taken aboard. Right before Cinder and her army of misfits are able to get to Cress’ satellite home, Cress’ mistress and one of Queen Levana’s thaumaturge, Sybil Mira, docks and figures out what it about to happen.

The ensuing battle breaks up Cinder with her companions, and their seperate stories are told through character specific chapters until a majority of the crew is brought back together later in the book.

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Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong

6381724Overall rating: 3/5

This book was a little different than other books in Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. Instead of being in the first person of a supernatural woman, this book changed perspectives with each chapter and Hope Adams was the only character we had met previously who had chapters.

Robyn Peltier, a PR rep and a very human friend of Hope trying to deal with the death of her husband, is the focus of this book. When her client is killed by a girl named Adele Morrisey, a clairvoyant attempting to escape a commune for this supernatural race, Robyn is brought into the supernatural world with a deadly mark on her head.

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Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Overall rating: 3/5

While I love Danger as a character, her book was a forgettable one for me and I had completely forgot the plottwist at the end. This book introduced even more Dark Hunters I’m eager to read about, but I was kinda glad when I finished this book for the second time.

When a uprising occurs among the Dark Hunters located in Mississipi, Acheron sends in the Alexion to judge which Hunters can and cannot be saved. He stays with the Hunter who asked for his help, Dangereuse St. Richard, as she questioned the uprising when she was approached by another Hunter, Kyros, determined to attack Acheron, and didn’t believe him when he claimed that Acheron was a Daimon sending the Hunters against his own kind.

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Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Scarlet_(Official_Book_Cover)_by_Marissa_MeyerOverall rating: 4/5

I was very excited to start readin this book, because I love when fairy tales are reimagined and I really enjoyed Cinder. Scarlet did not disappoint, and introduced one of my favourite aspects to any supernatural series: werewolves.

After being arrested for being the escaped Princess Selen from Luna, Linh Cinder escapes and looks for answers. With the help of fellow prisoner, Carswell Thorne, Cinder searches for Michelle Benoit, a former pilot who helped Cinder escape Luna, who has been kidnapped by the loyal subjects of the Luna Queen.

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Personal Demon by Kelley Armstrong

414HFXkeKLL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Overall rating: 4/5

While this has been my (final) exam season of my undergrad, I took breaks to read and managed to finish two books! This one was particularly interesting to me, because I had never read Hope Adams’ story before. She had popped up in other books I’ve read from the series, but I’d never read a book that focused on her primarily.

Hope is an Expisco half-demon, which means she can detect chaos and have visions of chaos, and works for a trashy newspaper. She works for the interracial council, and has a debt with the Cabal Cortex. The head of the Cortez Cabal, Benicio, reaches out to Hope to pay her debt: he wants her to infiltrate a Maimi supernatural gang, find out what they are saying about the Cabal, and her debt is paid.

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Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

6590035.jpgOverall rating: 3/5

Another book down in the Dark Hunter series, this one following Tabitha Devereaux and Valerius Magnus, and brought back an old nemesis of Tabitha’s sister, Amanda Hunter, and her husband and former Dark Hunter, Kyrian. The unlikely pair, and not just because Kyrian hates Valerius, join forces to fight Daimons in New Orleans, and fall in love in the process.

The Spathi Daimons run a muck throughout this book, and a couple of characters die as a result. The readers find out some important information about Ash, which very few characters know, and Artemis was kinda nice.  Kinda.

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