As I’ve said before, I’ve been a bookworm for a majority of my life. I’m a peer proclaimed one, and didn’t start going by the title until someone convinced me that I am one.

Found this photo the other day on Facebook, got me thinking.
Found this photo the other day on Facebook, got me thinking.

When I mentioned that I’m a bookworm, people voice their assumptions about bookworms. Most I have just let roll off my shoulders, but some have stuck with me. I believe it’s the assumptions that people put behind the statements directed at me that makes me keep their statements in mind, because I’ve found it ignorant. One of the instances that have stuck with me was actually on a singles website that I joined shortly after a break up, with me bei

ng quite defensive and hating the male population a bit. He tried to start a conversation with me by saying : “You’re a reader! You musthave read -insert popular book title here-, what did you think of it?” I think it’s stayed with me because he assumed that I was reading it, just because I said I enjoyed reading a lot. I don’t keep up with popular books, mostly because of how people treat you when you are reading them.

When I bring a book to school or work with me, I usually take a hardcover book and take off the sleeve so no one knows what I’m reading. It’s what I like about my Kobo so much, that no one can see what you are reading.

When I was in high school, before I started taking the sleeve off the book I was reading, I had the book taken away from me by my teacher. It was later returned to me, but I was told that I shouldn’t read it because it wasn’t appropriate for my age. Another time in high school, a fellow student told me her opinion on my book when she had never read it and was going on what other people had told her.

As a bookworm, I know what I do and what I look like doing it. I read books. I enter a world that was created out of someone’s imagination, and I meet characters that are unique to the story. People will make assumptions about everything, including hobbies someone does. You roll with their assumptions, and maybe even joke with them about it.I remember in high school I had someone trying to read the title of the book I was reading, and I was being quite difficult about it. They asked me what I was reading and I said simply: ‘words.’

To end this article, I will leave you with some words of advice: try not to assume things about people. It seems like a easy thing to follow, but people just don’t keep an open mind when it comes to others.