It’s been a long-standing debate since electronic ‘books’ became available: is it better to read a hardcover book or a Kobo/Kindel/etc.

Whenever I look around on the bus or in waiting rooms, I find that I see a lot more people with Kobos or Kindels or some other form of an electronic book. Less and less I’m seeing paper books, which I do understand.

When a book is brought out of the house and put into a bag, it doesn’t always come back in the best condition. I started to only bring out hardcover books, and leave the sleeves at home. But, I do have a number of books that just look bad because called my bag home for a few weeks while I read them.

Though, there aren’t clear lines for people to stand on. I was quite against the idea of electric books for the longest time, I didn’t even like reading newspapers or school assignments on my computer. I preferred to feel something in my hands, to feel the physical weight of the paper bound book or just paper in my hands.

Kobo vs book: where do you stand?
Kobo vs book: where do you stand?

This past Christmas, I finally broke down and asked for a Kobo. It wasn’t because I’ve grown to like reading electronically better, but because it is easier to get a hold of books on my Kobo. If I’m not sure if I’m going to like a book or not, I can just download it, read it, and go out and buy it if I liked it. If I don’t like the book, than I just delete it and move on.

People prefer doing things electronically because it is easier, and most of the time you don’t even have to leave the house to do them. If I wanted to find a book normally, I would have to go to the local bookstore and search through the shelves. If I want to add a book onto my Kobo, all I have to do is search up said book and download it.

A few weeks in one of my classes, we had a guest speaker from my school. One of the questions he was asked was about people switching to electronic books, and if he thought it was a bad thing. He said he sees a lot more people reading with Kobos and Kindels than with actual books, which means more people are reading because of the electronic copies of books the devices hold.

I will admit it is a lot easier to read on my Kobo, but nothing can beat reading an actual book. I will always prefer reading a bound book to an electronic book, and hope that I’m not the only one.

But, where do you stand on the electronic or paper book debate? Let me know in the comments!