As a fan of the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, I’m currently working my way through them all. I’m planning on rereading the series for the blog, but I decided to review the latest one I read, Devil May Cry, to have a post.

This book follows Sin, an ex Sumerian God turned Dark Hunter. Although, he technically isn’t even a Dark Hunter. After Artemis uses her daughter, Katra, to steal his powers, Acheron (Ash) gives Sin the Dark Hunter title as some sort of an apology for Artemis being a bitch. (What else is new?)

Katra, or Kat, is sent by Artemis to kill Sin because her Mother is crazy. Instead, Kat aligns herself with Sin to protect the world from yet another threat. They battle along side Sin’s twin brother, Zakar, with Simi and the Dolphini. Acheron even makes an appearance to help after it is discovered that Kat is Ash’s daughter, although forshadowing from previous books led this reader to believe that.

Kat has appeared in a few books up until this point, but we don’t learn too much about her. She is a handmaiden to Artemis, that also has a tie to Ash’s Mother, Apollymi. She appeared in Wulf’s book, and the first book that really introduced readers to Dream Hunter’s when the characters were looking for Atlantis. (Which was really Apollymi trying to escape, but I won’t get into that!)

In true Dark Hunter fashion, Sin and Katra fall in love after numerous jumps into the sack. Kat is unlike any woman Sin has ever met, and she helps allow him to trust people again. To save his daughter, Ash has to basically give Sin permission to have hot, sweaty, animal sex to keep her alive. (Figure that one out!)

In the end, the world is saved with on minor infraction that escapes. But, Sin and Kat and their group of fighters are at the ready when the evil surfaces. Dark Hunter fans eagerly await for more of Kenyon’s stories, and I’m looking forward to learning about all of the characters she has written that seem like old friends.