A book series I had wanted to get a hold of for years, and recently (thanks to my Kobo) finally had the chance to read. I started at the beginning, which is where I generally start unless I’m already working my way through the series, and enjoyed myself.

Dark Lover, the first book in a Black Dagger Brotherhood series, introduces you to the world of the Brotherhood. It gives you just a piece of the world, to have readers wanting to come back and read more.

We are introduced to Darius, a member of the Brotherhood who has a request of their leader: Wrath. His request is for the Blind King, as legend calls him, to help bring his daughter, Beth, over during her transition. His blood is ‘pure’ by vampire standards, and will be the strongest to help her survive.

Wrath is suppose to be seen as a huge bad ass, as are the rest of the brothers, one that is the strongest and one of the richest line in their history. He is the leader of the Brotherhood, and is suppose to be the King of the vampires. But, he hasn’t ascended and only rules his Brothers.

But, as all good love stories go: Wrath changes for Beth.

Beth, a journalist who won’t take anything from anyone, is the last remaining child of Darius. Readers find out that Darius cared a lot about Beth’s Mother, but her Mother freaked out when she found out Darius was a vampire and died giving birth to Beth. Wrath and Beth immediately have a connection, and although they both try to fight it: they end up together as Leelan and Hellrath.

A quirk that I found rather interesting in this story (one I haven’t encountered in my previous vampire readings), is that the race can indeed have children. Although, not man women make it through the birth. Readers are also led to believe that the pregnancy takes around a year, when we learn about one of the Brother’s and his mate, Wellsie, are expecting. The only way for someone to become a vampire, to go through the transition, is to be born one. They also don’t feed on humans, and only feed from each other. Usually, mates feed from one another.

Why, one might ask while reading, is there a Brotherhood of sexy, leather wearing, warrior vampires?

There is a group of ‘humans’, and I use that word loosely, that are what the Brotherhood are against. The Lessers, who are run by the Omega.

They were once human, and could be hundreds of years old, and are out to kill the vampires. They recruit psychopaths who have a history of violence (sexual and otherwise), and put that rage and energy toward killing the Brotherhood and other vampires. They erase their identity, and they only become a letter to identify them.

With lots of action, sex, and humour, Dark Lover was an enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to reading the next book, and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to read them to do it. I wasn’t disappointed, and hope you won’t be either.