I had the pleasure of speaking with Frank Porco, someone I met in College, on his podcast recently.

Arts and Chatz features Frank speaking alone, with his cousin, or with a guest about varying topics. No surprise when I went on that we were talking about books, and this blog.

A unique factor of Frank’s podcast is that while listening, the viewer also watches Frank draw something that relates to the topic at hand. Since I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, Frank and I brainstormed the idea that he do something related to Harry Potter. He also has decided to start drawing on shoes, and decided to draw mine on the shoes.

Although, the Harry Potter shoes are mine, Frank is ready and willing to get more orders for the shoes. (Unless he otherwise states he won’t be taking anymore orders for one reason or another, because he’s told me that he’s been getting a lot of orders lately.)

These are the Harry Potter shoes that the talented Frank Porco did for me.
These are the Harry Potter shoes that the talented Frank Porco did for me.

I believe Frank’s podcast/Youtube channel is an unique idea. I’ve heard of podcasts, and of people putting audio over their art on Youtube before. But, never like this. While combining two things he enjoys a lot (podcasting and art), Frank has stumbled onto a unique project that I look forward to listening/watching the rest of his videos.

Here’s the link for when I was on the show if you are interested in listening to my episode:

Subscribe to Frank’s channel on Youtube, or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ArtByFrank?fref=ts) for updates on his art, podcast, contests, and anything other endeavors Frank goes on.