The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, written by Ann Brashares, follows four sixteen year old girls that have been friends since birth.

Bridget. Tibby. Lena. And Carmen.

They call themselves the Septembers, because they were all due in September when their Mother’s took aerobics together for pregnant women. All of their birthdays are within a couple of weeks of each other, with Lena being first in late August and Carmen being last a week or two into September.

The book starts at the beginning of their first summer apart, when they are all 15. Bridget is going to soccer camp, Lena is going to Greece to visit her Grandparents with her sister Effie, Carmen is going to spend the summer with her Dad, and Tibby is stuck at home working at Wallman’s.

The pants come into the possession of Carmen, who almost throws them out. But, Tibby saves them. In a shocking revelation, the pants fit all of the girls even though they are all different shapes and sizes. The girls decide the pants are magic, and they are the way to stick together during their summers apart.

They make rules for the pants, and set up a schedule so they will be with everyone at least twice during the summer. They start with Lena, go to Tibby, than Carmen and finally to Bridget. Each girl was meant to have them for as long as they felt was right, but they wanted to keep the pants moving in hopes of everyone getting them twice.

The pants were the witness to new events in the girls lives, ones they couldn’t exactly share with one another in full detail. Carmen admitted how she truly felt to her Father, who had left her and her Mother when she was young. Lena fell in love for the first time, and almost royally screwed it up. Tibby dealt with loss of not only a beloved friend, but a someone she had taken for granted for a long time. Bridget did only as Bridget could do and took things too far, only to learn a valuable lesson about herself and her friends by the end of her journey.

Throughout the book, you can feel the change and growth the girls make. They are still the sisters who started out in the beginning of the summer, but when they are finally together again its almost as if they are strangers.

They welcomed the Pants and their magic into their sisterhood to be there when it truly mattered, to keep them together when they were apart.