Among one of the highly anticipated blockbusters of the summer of 2013, World War Z is at the front of the pack or at least gets an honourable mention.

The movie, starring Brad Pitt, was meant to be based on the book of the same title by Max Brooks. (I’m in the process of rereading the book, and will be reviewing it shortly!) Brooks’ took a new approach to the zombie genre in his book, setting it after the zombie apocalypse happened and letting his characters tell their stories in a documentary like fashion.

With the rocky history of the movie not being a secret, fans went into the movie wary of what would have become of the zombie documentary.

From what this bookworm could see, the only things the movie and the book had in common was the title. There was small connections throughout Pitt’s story line to the book, but they were far and in between.

The movie follows Pitt’s character during, what can only be assumed, as somewhere in the Great Panic. Pitt was once a UN representative, and gets called back into duty when the virus of flesh hungry humans leave the unaffected populace wanting answers. He goes on a wild goose chase all around the globe, trying to find the answers and solutions that everyone needs.



Although, the one thing that I found the movie had over the book was the solution to the zombie problem. I found in the book that the solution was just to get more guns, and fight as a united front and use their brains. While the movie’s approach was genius, and made a lot of sense to this bookworm.

I feel the movie could have been amazing if they were true to the book, doing it in the same idea as the book. Start off with the character speaking, and do flashbacks to what they are talking about. Like a history documentary, as I think Brooks was trying to get across when he wrote it.

Myself and my friend, who convinced me to read the book originally, went in with open minds. We were hoping that it would do the book justice, but left our thoughts of the book at the door. I’m a wimp when it comes to scary movies, and it had me cringing and scared throughout the whole show.

But, compared to the book, it was nothing. Just another zombie movie looking to make some money, which leaves this bookworm disappointed.