Today, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a book signing by one of the author’s who I’ve been reading since High school who has recently released a new book in a new series she is writing.

Kelley Armstrong.

Kelley is currently on a book tour for her new book Omen, which was released August 20th.

The book I received as a Birthday gift in High school, the first Kelley Armstrong book I ever read. It will defiantly not be the last, and now it’s the best book I have. It says “Robynne, welcome to the Otherworld, Kelley Armstrong.”

I started reading Kelley when a friend bought me the first book in the Women of the Underworld series, Bitten.  I found out quickly she is a Canadian writer, and a good one at that. Admittedly, when I went into the book signing I had no clue what she looked like. I didn’t know what she looked like until my friend opened his book that has her photo on the inside of the back cover. (Which was about 15 minutes before she came out.)

Since I hadn’t ever heard people I knew talk about Kelley, or even know who she was when I mentioned her, I was pleasantly surprised that there was so many people in attendance. (My feet weren’t so happy when I was stuck standing there for three and a half hours waiting to get my book signed, though.)

But, she proved to be an amazing host.

Not only did she keep the crowd laughing and give answers that I never would have thought of, but she encouraged her already eager fans to ask questions by giving out prizes to those who did ask a question. Her honest answers made it clear that she cares about her characters, and sees them almost as a part of her personal life. She spoke about ending the Women of the Underworld series, and about Bitten being turned into a 13 episode season on the Space channelShe also talked about her new series Omen, and that she had currently just finished writing the third book in the series.

It was an experience to stand in the line for as long as I did, but I felt like I was in my element. I’m not usually around people that are avid readers like myself, and the people that I spoke to seemed to be bigger bookworms than myself. We spoke about Kelley’s work (including books I haven’t had the chance of buying and reading), and about every other book series we could think of.

photo (1)
Kelley and I after she signed my book, after waiting in line for three and a half hours. Completely worth the wait, I just wish I could have spoke to her a little more. (I became very nervous, and tongued tied when I went up.)

Along with the chatter of my fellow bookworms, employees from the Starbucks located in the Chapters came around giving out free samples of some drinks that were made to honour Kelley’s visit. The Omen and the Witch’s Brew were sweet, cool drinks that were good. There was also snacks given out, though they weren’t themed toward Kelley’s books.

It was the first time I had ever gone to get a book signed by the author, and I kind of hope it won’t be the last. If every author is like Kelley when it comes to their work, I would wait all over again to get my book signed.