For the english course I’m taking in University, the first book the class had to read was Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

I will admit before I continue that my only experience with this particular story was the Disney version of it that I despised as a child, and the one episode that the show Warehouse 13 did that included Alice’s mirror and the soul of Alice possessing one of the characters.

For obvious reasons, my teacher told us to stay away from the Disney version. After reading the original version of Alice, I understood why. The Disney version was reworked to appeal to children, and the writers even tried to make the story make a little sense. Carroll had no such inkling in the original, and the book is just a bunch of nonsense.

One of the many covers of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, which was what made it so difficult for me to find the right copy before I finally did.

The book jumped from scene to scene, and for the most part, had no order. Alice was large, small and large again. She spoke to animals, and I think she turned a baby into a pig…Or the baby was already a pig, and she just didn’t notice. I really have no idea!

I feel like I had more knowledge of the book and story before I read it than I do now, after I read it. I truly is a book of nonsense, and one I’m not a fan of.

To keep my posts up, I will be reviewing the books we are given for this class. I have to read them, and most of them seem interesting. Two of the books, Slaughterhouse five and Watchmen, were two books I have wanted to get my hands on for a while.

So, keep an eye out for the books I review for this class!

Happy Reading, Bookworms!