The short story by R.L. Stine, Goodnight kiss, follows a couple of teenagers and Eternal Ones during a summer they spend at Sandy Hallow, a small mostly Summer town.

Jesscia and Gabri, who are loosely considered the main characters, are among the Eternal Ones that are townies. Though, neither actually remember their teenager years, they both hold the youth and beauty of teenagers. But, the two are bored and eager for the nectar after a long winter.

So, they strike up a bet.

Each of them pick a victim they have to turn into an Eternal one, which happens when they take a small drink on three different nights from their victims, and the one to successfully change their victim and have them under their spell: wins.

Gabri picks Todd, a shy and unsuspecting boy who is quite easy prey for Jessica. Jessica, on the other hand, chooses a April. Who is a rather pretty girl, and is currently dating Todd’s best friend: Matt.

The three unsuspecting teen’s lives are turned upside down by the sudden interest from the vampires, and ends ones life who tries to save the other two before it’s too late. But, who will believe a story that a townie is not only a vampire and can turn into a bat but killed your friend who came to warn you about them?

In true R.L. Stine fashion, he kept me guessing right until the end. He was one of the first horror authors that I read growing up, and has written my favourite horror book. Goodnight kiss didn’t disappoint, and I’m eager to read the rest of the short stories in Temptation.