It’s a huge debate for book readers when a book (book series) is turned into a movie (or franchise), mostly about what the Director and Writer decided to keep or cut from the movie that was important in the book.

I understand the appeal for production companies to make a popular book or book series into a movie, because of the fans that are in love with the book or series. The size of the ‘Fandom’ will depend on if the movie makes any money or not, but the movie will also be scrutinized by fans. If the movie is good or not to the fans depends on it’s success or fail, and I find that readers are the toughest critics.

My younger brother hates watching a movie with me when its based off a book I’ve read, and he gotten up and left a time or two in the past. I feel the need to point out what happened in the book, or that a part is missing from the book. I do this because it bothers me when a movie doesn’t stay true to the story that the author made me fall in love with, and it bothers me.

I understand that when a book translates to the big screen that it needs to be change to speak to the masses, with things being taken away or added to help the audience understand. But, that shouldn’t mean that they should completely rewrite parts of a story to add a chase or fight scene.

I understand that all the little details can’t be in the movie, because that would mean that it would be a 100 hour long movie and wouldn’t make the companies the money they’re looking for. But, the true fans would sit through that movie.

I would have sat through the 10 hour long 4th Harry Potter movie, instead of the one that was created that a lot of fans consider the worst Harry Potter film. I know I’m not the only person who would have sat through the 20 hour long World War Z movie, instead of the Brad Pitt zombie movie that was produced.

I’ve been told by a bunch of people that my expectations of movies are unrealistic, but I think they should be realistic. I think there should be more effort put into the story behind a movie, instead of trying to get the most bang for the productions buck. I know my opinion isn’t going to change anything, and movies are still going to butcher stories or make them greater.

But, I have expectations I wish movies based on books would live up to.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you think movies based on books are amazing, and I should stop complaining? Or do you agree that movies based on books need to be truer to the book it’s based on? Let me know in the comments!