Goodnight Kiss 2, another short story about vampires by author R.L. Stine from Temptation, brings readers back to Sandy Hallow where the Eternal ones crave the nectar and are hungry because it’s been a dry winter.

Unlike our last story about Sandy Hallow, the teenagers that are being targeted by the Eternal ones know what’s going on and are taking a stance against them. Not only is there another bet between vampires to see who can turn someone into one of them first, but there are two teenagers looking to get even with the Eternal ones for what they’ve done to them and their loved ones.

But, bodies of dead teenagers are quickly piling up around Sandy Hallow and the threat of the beach being closed down is a constant worry for humans and Eternal ones. The big question is: which vampire is taking a bigger bite than they can handle?

Three Eternal ones do end up becoming dust, but there are still a lot to be worried about. Let’s just hope Sandy Hallow isn’t shut down for good.

This short story was quite enjoyable, and similar to the first one. But, it ended up being completely different than what I was expecting. Stine has done it again, and I cannot wait until I read the final short story in Temptation: The Vampire Club.