Lover eternal, by J.R. Ward, follows another member of the Brotherhood: Rhage. Nicknamed Hollywood by his brothers, Rhage is a love ’em and leave ’em and one of the strongest fighters in the Brotherhood. He was cursed by the Scribe Virgin with a monster that comes out when he loses controls that could hurt anyone around him when it comes out.

By accident, Rhage stumbled upon Mary when she comes to the Brotherhood’s new compound after a change. Mary is a human, and has come in to help translate for a boy who will become a member of the Brotherhood when he turns 25. Rhage immediately feels a connection to Mary, unlike one he’s felt before for a female.

But, Mary is sick. She has cancer, and probably won’t survive much longer. After he realized just how much he needs Mary, she tamed him, Rhage begged the Scribe Virgin to save her from dying in the next couple of months. She agrees to give Mary a free bill of health, but the cost is almost too much for Rhage to bear.

The second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood was interesting, and told readers more about the Brothers. Though, this book focused more on Rhage and Zsadist. At the end of the book, Zsadist is coming to realize that he can get away from the painful past that still haunts him.

Like the one before it, Lover eternal has me eagerly waiting to read the next book in the series. This world is becoming increasingly interesting to me, and always has me guessing what will happen to each character each time I pick it up.