The first installment of the Twilight Saga, based on the previously reviewed book by Stephanie Meyers, introduces us to Bella Swan and her transition to moving to a small town of Forks and falls in love with a vampire by the name of Edward Cullen.

Bella is a 16 year-old who moves in with her Dad to let her Mom be able to move around with her new husband, even though Bella is estranged with her Dad and hates Forks. Her feeling about Forks changes when she meets Edward, and the movie follows Bella as she realizes just how old Edward truly is and who he is.

Forks is one of the gloomiest places someone could live, where the sun almost never shines which is a prime spot for vampires who look like teenagers and sparkle when the sun’s rays hit them. As Bella is pulled deeper and deeper into Edward’s world, she meets new and interesting members of his family and realizes she isn’t the only one who knows who the Cullens are.

Though, the fandom are Twilight has quieted down since the final movie was released: I forgot how much I did enjoy the series (books and movies.) I never understood why it had the following that it did, because by no means is it an amazing piece of literature. But, it was an interesting story and a one that wasn’t hard on the reader.

I realized I was disappointed with how Edward was portrayed in the movie, just because him in the book had me giggling quite often and the movie just portrayed him as an overly depressed ‘monster’ who couldn’t get over what he was.

Keep an eye out for when I review the second book in the Twilight series: New Moon.