The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, written by Ann Brashares, brings us back to the Sisterhood as they embark on their second summer with the Magic Pants. It starts with three of the girls staying at home for this summer, with Tibby going away to a summer program for film.

The reader quickly learns that the echoes of the previous summer still resonate in the girls: with Lena still longing for her love, Tibby trying to deal with the death of a friend, Bridget dealing with the loss of herself, and Carmen accepting that everyone eventually changes.

Lena and Carmen do stay home to work summer jobs, Bridget goes off to visit her long lost Grandmother and learn about the Mother who was taken away from her too early. Lena’s summer is turned upside down numerous times by: love, death, and loss. Carmen’s summer goes out of control after her Mother tries to change, and Carmen feels left behind. Tibby makes the same mistakes as before, and forgets the one person who kept her humble. She slowly finds her way back, thanks to her old friends and new ones. Bridget’s summer is spent finding herself, and remembering a past she had previously hidden because it hurt too much.

The pants once again keep the girls close while they’re far apart, and helps them through painful events that otherwise may have broken them down.

The books, to me, get increasingly and increasingly better as I read each new one. The girls deal with realistic issues that every teenager goes through, and they deal with them in healthy ways. They hold onto each other, and prove that true friends stick together no matter what.

When I was growing up: I lived vicariously through the lives and words that Brashares brought to live. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to read these books, and learn about these girls that  shaped the relationships I had while growing up.