Based on Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld book series, Bitten focuses on Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf who lives in Toronto, ONT where she works as a photographer. Elena has left the Pack for about a year, and has a new relationship as well as a career as a photographer.

It becomes quite obvious that Elena is fighting her werewolf urges within the first few moments of the pilot when she has to leave boyfriend, Phillip McAdams, in the middle of some intimate activity to go and Change. She avoided Changing for quite a while, and she lost control and could have seriously hurt Phillip.

It also quickly becomes apparent that there is a threat to the Pack when a woman shows up dead within miles of where the Pack Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, calls home: Stone Haven. Jeremy quickly realizes that it was a Mutt, and calls all of the Pack members back to solve the problem and to keep them all from being exposed.

Though, Elena does try to ignore the call she does eventually call at the insistence of Phillip. Instead of Jeremy picking up, Clayton Danvers does which causes Elena to hang up. Viewers learn that Elena and Clayton have had a relationship in the past, and she is quite angry with the University Professor.

As a huge fan of the Otherworld series, I sat down to watch this show with quite a bit of anxiety.  I didn’t watch it when it aired, because I wanted to be able to sit down and critique what wasn’t like the book and what was. I was slightly afraid that it would just be the title that was held it to the series, and would turn out to be something I wasn’t happy with.

As any bookworm, the issue of characters not looking like what they’re thought to be irked me. Who I watched it with was surprised that I figured out the characters before they even spoke, though I just picked up on hints to the character names that the show put out for viewers. But, Clayton was quite easy to place even before he spoke.

Though, I’m still on the fence when it comes to the series I’m eager to watch the next episode. I’m excited to see just where Space is going to take the series, and I’m really hoping that it gets picked up! If not, we have at least 12 episodes of an Canadian book series that could turn out to be a hit.