(Since I missed last week, I have combined the reviews for episode 2 and 3 since I will be sitting down to watch Trespass right now.)

Prodigal begins with Elena having gone back to Stonehaven, which has basically consisted of her kicking and screaming to go back and help with a mutt that is trespassing on the Packs territory. Since she is the best tracker in the Pack, and everyone wants her back, Jeremy ordered her to return to help with the issue of the Mutt.

After crossing paths with her ex-lover more times than she would have preferred, Elena looks into the histories of the Mutts that the Pack has dealt with in the past. But, comes up empty. The scene belongs to someone new, and Elena makes the leap that he could be a new werewolf by his scent. By the end of the episode, the Pack stumbles onto the Mutts latest kill that happens to be on their territory and a group of hunters happen to be following the scent.

The promotion poster for Bitten, featuring Elena, Jeremy, Clayton, Nick and Logan.

With the recent death that was brought onto their territory, the Pack sets out to try and find the Mutt that is drawing unnecessary attention to them from humans. With all of the bodies piling up around the Pack, the humans in the local town are getting restless and putting their anger and blame on the Pack because they’re outsiders.

Some of the pack members ask for help from a Mutt who has power and brains of his own, and could be an asset to them in the future. Elena and Clay track the Mutt, which leads to a huge scene and more deaths that could lead back to the Pack. The scene with the Mutt results in everyone getting the okay to leave from Jeremy, and Elena leaves with the intention of not coming back to Stonehaven again.

I’m warming up slowly to most of the actors that took on the roles of the characters I love, and most are easily fitting the roles. I am also loving the Canadian vibes in the show, which speaks volumes from the book series for me. Elena, Logan and Clay all work and live in Toronto where Elena is originally from.

As always, I’m eagerly awaiting more from this television show and can’t wait to see where this story takes Elena.