After an unexpected, and deadly, ending to the previous episode: Grief begins with the Pack mourning the loss of a treasured member. The Pack swears vengeance on the monster who took this person out of their lives, and refuse to stop at anything to get that revenge for their fallen Conrad.

Dealing with their grief and coming to terms with the loss of the member proves to be difficult for Elena, who refuses to leave until she finds the mutt that did it. But, by dealing with these emotions she comes to terms with some very deep and buried emotions from her childhood that she couldn’t have grasped at the time. The loss hits Elena hard, because the last death(s) she had dealt with were the death of her parents and the loss of her real family.

Elena’s desire to get as far away from Stonehaven and everything that it stands for is outweighed by her desire to find the killer, and to bring him to justice. But, because of her staying in Stonehaven and around Clay it’s making it harder and harder for her to ignore her feelings for him and stay true to Phillip.

With the ongoing threat of the local police coming across the wolves, and exposing the pack, Jeremy attempts to figure out just where the investigation into the four deaths that the mutts are pointing the humans toward the Pack. The Sheriff’s investigation even leads to a history of the Danvers from the previous Sheriff, though it does lead her to more questions than answers that could lead to her looking deeper into the Pack.

The cover of the book that I own of ‘Bitten’ from the Women of the Otherworld series.

Dealing with the towns people proves to still be an issue for Clay and Elena while trying to pick up the scent of the mutt in town, while Antonio attempts to cover up any lose ends in the dead pack member’s life. Though, Clay and Elena’s journeys into town lead to more questions being answered than previously thought.

Ultimately, the pack refuses to lie down when it comes to light who’s doing what and why. Though, the ending makes it clear that who’s doing it will not be going down without a fight when it comes to the Pack.

From what I can remember from reading Elena’s story in the Women of the Otherworld series, they’re following her story pretty well. At least, from what I can remember of the first book. I will be reviewing Elena’s book along with others once I collect all 13 books, and cannot wait to get my hands on all of them.