After finding out just who is behind the mutt attacks and turnings of human psychos into wolves, the Pack attempts to come up with a plan on how to deal with the issue. Elena offers up a solution, but is quickly turned down by Jeremy for being too risky with her safety against the mutts.

Once again, a suspected death is left on the doorstep of the Pack which leads to more attention from not only the cops but the locals who already don’t trust the Danvers. The tense relationship between the towns people and Pack members is apparent when towns folk show up to help look for the missing man and Clay and Jeremy opt out of helping search because of the protests of one of the men.

A flashback early in the episode shows the first time Elena and Clay met, Clay with Nick and Pete in toe,  which resembles how two normal people meet someone they could fall in love with. Though, it’s obvious from the flashback that Clay wasn’t expecting anything to happen between himself and Elena.

Elena with Philip (Left) and Clay (Right) in a promo photo for the show, attempting to show the struggle for Elena between her past lover and her current lover.

Clay struggles with his emotions for Elena in the flashbacks, and when he finally admits his feelings for Elena its obvious that they came out of no where for her. Though, she does feel the same way for him. We are brought back to one of the original flash backs from the earlier episodes, elaborating more than we had previously seen when Clay first brings Elena to Stonehaven.

With the visit of a previous member of the Pack hoping to get back into their good graces, Clay and Nick are not believing what he is putting out. Though, it does seem that some of the information he does bring forward does seem like it could become useful to the Pack regarding the mutts.

Seeing Clay and Elena in the flack backs area  bit of a culture shock, comparing them to how they are now. Elena is obviously in love with Clay in the flash backs, and younger in the sense that she’s naive about the whole werewolf situation.