This episode opens with Elena back with Phillip in Toronto, after having asked Jeremy not to call her back to deal with Pack issues. It becomes obvious that Elena’s departure isn’t sitting well with Clay, who is having issues with the possibility of having to deal with Elena if she goes rogue. Clay quickly has a release for his anger when a mutt comes knocking on Jeremy’s door: making it obvious he wants to challenge Jeremy as Pack Alpha.

Elena tells Phillip about a ghost from her past, who the Mutts reached out to to help him get even with Elena for helping to put him behind bars, when she sees a Mutt who had attempted to reach out to the Pack to become a member once again. But, she and Logan deduce that the reaching out was just a scheme to stir the pot.

Karl Marsten, the brains behind the Mutts, and Zachary Cain, the muscle behind the plan, with Thomas Leblanc, a recently turned psychopath, entering Leblanc’s motel room after Elena and Clay took a look around.

While Elena attempts to keep her normal life in check while being included in Phillip’s sisters wedding, the Pack deals with their allies being killed by the Mutts in an attempt to isolate the Pack farther. Clay interrogates the Mutt that attempted to challenge Jeremy, trying to find out who sent him to challenge the Alpha and why.

One of the Mutts attempts to reach out to Elena, to confuse her about where her loyalties should lie and who are truly the bad guys. Logan is delivered a world changing fact at the hands of his girlfriend, Rachel, that may have a backlash on himself and the Pack.

The series is progressing wonderfully, and is defiantly keeping myself interested. Though, I still feel like some of the actors are lacking with my favourite characters. I have to keep reminding myself that they may not be following the book series plot twist for plot twist, but are still staying true to Kelley Armstrong’s characters.