After asserting attention from the Pack by sending Jeremy a ‘present’: Daniel Santos demands a meeting between Jeremy and Antonio accompanies him as protection. During this drama happening with the pack: Elena comes back to avenge a fallen wolf and takes it personal after Santos approaches her in the previous episode at Phillip’s sister’s wedding.

Though, all the Mutts claim that they want is to be free of the rules that the Pack forces them to abide by and for Jeremy to control Clay more than he does when it comes to discipline. But, when Antonio and Jeremy run into a bump in the road on their way to meet Elena and Clay at the agreed meeting area it seems like more is afoot.

After a call from Clay, Elena reaches out to make sure he’s okay. In true Clay form, he shrugs it off and puts her attention back to his feelings for her. It becomes quickly evident that the meet up with Santos could be a bad idea or a trap, while Elena and Clay scope out the agreed meeting area and one of the Mutts spies on them.

Logan continues to deal with the situation with his girlfriend in Toronto, along the way learning things about her past that she had kept a secret.  While dealing with the pregnancy issue with Rachel, Logan ignores the calls from the Pack even after Antonio is attacked when he and Jeremy are ambushed.

One of the promo ads/poster that Space aired before, and after, Bitten aired.

Recently, I saw on Kelley Armstrong’s Facebook page her explaining the characters and the show. A lot of fans were angry just how different the characters in the show are from the book, which is understandable from a fellow fans point of view. But, like she said, the characters in the show are the writers interpretations of the characters. Fans have to go in with an open mind when it comes to the stories and the characters, even though these are characters that we have fallen in love with from the book series.

I’m actually enjoying the different story lines for Logan and the Mutts, something that was lacking a bit in the book just because of the limitations that a book has. The television show has given the story of the Pack the opportunity to expand, and to grow in ways it couldn’t have before.