Dealing with the death of a prominent Pack member is painful for everyone, especially with the unanswered questions regarding Jeremy and a possible poisoning by the Mutts in the ambush in the previous episode.

While Elena goes looking for answers from Cain’s girlfriend, Clay goes right to the source with Cain in the torture chamber in the basement of Stonehaven. Clay also revisits his past after his change while interrogating Cain, attempting to connect with Cain in an attempt to make Cain tell him about the Mutts and their plans.

Elena finds Cain’s girlfriend, Amber, to get answers about the poisoned knife and is surprised to find the jealousy in her about Elena being a werewolf and Cain refusing to change her for fear of her not surviving the change. When Marsten shows up with Leblanc, Elena realizes the trap the Mutts had set up for her.

Nick is dealt the responsibility of erasing the life of the dead member from the human world, which had previously fallen on his Father, and increasingly becomes one of the hardest things he’s ever done. He calls in his cousin to help him with erasing the Pack member, and it becomes increasingly clear that this death has affected him the most.

One of the promo photos of Elena and Clay in Stonehaven, trying to explain the relationship the two are currently encountering.

While on his death bed, Jeremy revisits the painful past that he had as a child with his Father, Malcolm, and attempts to tell Clay the history of Stonehaven before his death. Though, Clay refuses to think that Jeremy is lying on his death bed and encourages him to rest as Elena and Clay look for the answers to save him.

The intensity of the episodes is increasing as we get to, what I can only assume is the finale, as the deaths of characters helps get the show away from book story. Though, I seem to be among the few fans who is actually not against the change the writers made to the stories and the characters. I came into the television show with an open mind, hoping that the writers would do it justice. But, it’s been hard keeping the fan of me quiet while talking about it with fellow fans and anyone who asks my opinion about the series.