Watching the Oscars last night got me thinking about books that get turned into movies or television shows: and which do fans consider better or enjoy more. It seems that a sure fire way to get an amazing movie is to pick a Best Seller, and try to keep the fans on board with the changes that would have had to occurred to translate it onto the Big Screen.

Though, it’s taken me a while to accept this when watching a movie or television show based on a book I’ve read and loved: the Director and Writers cannot include all of the minor details that I love in a story. This being said, I attempt to go into a movie or television series with an open mind and hopes that it will be amazing and knock my socks off.

Soulfully based on my own opinion as a Bookworm, I’ve only seen two movies that were better than the books. Also, I’ve been told I’m among the worst people to watch a movie that I’ve read the book because I constantly say what’s wrong or pointing out when they veer off of where the book happened to go with a certain story or plot twist.

That being said: I’m not bashing movies/television shows that are based on books. If you go in with no expectations of the book: most of these movies are amazing and great stories.

But, from a Bookworm’s point of few and just a fan in general of whatever is being turned into a movie/television show: I find it a huge slap in the face to those fans when the plot line and general story are butchered to make money. I understand that people are out to make money and all that jazz, but it kills me when a book is butchered and I can just feel the cries of the fans like me.

I’m thinking about creating posts talking about my top five books turned into movies, the best and the worst, because writing this article made me start to think about the best and the worst movies I’ve seen based on books. Keep a look out for these posts in the future!