An explanation of some of the main characters, and their connection to each other.

At the end of the previous episode: the Pack was told that a notorious previous Pack member enforcer, Jimmy Koenig, was hired by the Mutts to kill them. The Pack begins this episode preparing for the attack that Koenig will bring, and Nick attempts to deal with his loss that still affects his actions and emotions.

Another good tidbit also becomes apparent in a flash back from Nick and Antonio’s past: that Antonio ran away when Nick was born to attempt to raise him with his Mother, and that it’s a rule that a wolf’s son must be taken away from the Mother to be raised within the safety of the Pack. Which, comes into play with Logan when he finds out that he and Rachel are having a son.

Though, it proves to be a surprise to the Mutts that Koenig set up a meet with the Pack without letting them know first and Santos struggles to control the wolves apart of his makeshift Pack. Though, we find out that Joey Stillwell is being kept alive for when another Mutt makes it through the change.

The pack goes on a chase with Koenig after he and Jeremy fight for a short time, which leaves Jeremy in a lot of pain since he’s still healing from the ambush that the Mutts orchestrated. Elena get’s ambushed by Leblanc on the roof, who chases after her with a knife and a gun. He does actually manage to hurt her, while Jeremy attempts to illuminate Koenig in the building.

Though, with a misunderstanding, Clay believes that he sees Leblanc kill Elena and freaks out while Leblanc continues to look for her.

This episode is actually the first that has made me forget about the book, and really get into the story. I find my enjoyment of the show continues to grow the farther and farther we get into the stories, and has me wanting the next episode to air early than 7 days later. It’s blown my expectations of the show out of the water for me, and I’m invested in the characters stories. Even when they’ve veered off of the stories I remember from the book, and (excluding a certain death) I like where the writers have taken the story lines.