Elena is headed back to Toronto to do a exhibit, and Clay is ordered to follow her to get Logan to come back to Stonehaven and to help keep Elena safe. She finally comes clean about her relationship with Phillip after she sleeps with Clay after she got shot. He promises not to mess up her relationship with Phillip, though this will obviously cause them some pretty big issues.

Joey Stillwell manages to escape from the Mutts, and Nick rushes to his aid. Logan finally comes clean about the pregnancy to Elena and Clay, and admits that someone knows about the pregnancy when they haven’t told anyone. Elena encourages him to stop avoiding Jeremy, because he needs the protection of the Pack if the Mutts are targeting him an Rachel.

The Pack sits down to eat a meal in one of the first couple of episodes of the show.

Logan also let’s Elena know some information that Phillip happened upon, regarding some footage of Elena and Logan running as wolves and taking out a coyote. Logan finally forces himself to return to Stonehaven to throw himself to Jeremy, horrified at what it could mean for him and Rachel. The Mutts have a look out waiting for Elena to come to Toronto, Victor Olson, who’s someone from her past before she met the Pack and was changed with the promise of revenge against her.

Joey gives Jeremy and Nick intel on the Mutts from when he was held prisoner, and shines some light on some of their plans that he heard. Though, they’re left with more questions than answers once he’s done talking. Jeremy doubts the information that Joey gives them, thinking that he’s working with the Mutts to help take down the Pack.

The whole episode was leading up to Elena’s showcase, which left the viewers with the impression that a lot was going to happen when the show started. Though, Elena’s show was proving to be a success and could sky rocket her career as a photographer. ¬†The tension was building and building, jumping from character to character to add more juicy information to the stories of each character.