Clockwork Angel: The Infernal Devices, by Cassandra Clare, follows Tessa (Theresa) Gray on her travels to London after the death of her Aunt and her brother, Nate, sent for her. Instead of being greeted by her brother after the very long boat ride from New York to London, Tessa is met by the Dark Sisters who turn her into their prisoner and unlock an ability that Tessa never knew she had.

After a short time with the Dark Sisters, Tessa is rescued by Will Herondale who is a Shadowhunter. Will brings Tessa back to the Institute with him when she is badly hurt, and Tessa learns more about the Shadowhunters and the world she is apparently apart of: The Downworld.

Everyone believes that Tessa is a Warlock, which means that one of her parents was a human and the other was a Warlock, even though she doesn’t have a Warlock mark that all Warlocks have. Unlike many Warlocks, Tessa has the ability of shape shifting with another valuable asset: she can also feel how someone would feel and see their memories when she changes into them.

Tessa’s only concern is finding her brother, who the Dark Sisters told her they have as their prisoner. Charlotte and Henry, the Shadowhunters who run the Institute, go in search of answers while Will and Jem go back to the Dark Sister’s home to find answers there.

Tessa goes undercover with Will later on in the book to help the Shadowhunters try to figure out who the Magister is, who is the reason why Tessa is in London. The reader finds out later that the Magister is the reason why Tessa is the way she is, and had something to do with her birth.

This is the first book in the trilogy of The Infernal Devices,  which was where I was first introduced to Clare as a writer. I actually won my copy of Clockwork Angel, and loved the series and the world it introduced. This series, unlike The Mortal Instruments, is based in London in 1878 during the rein of Queen Victoria.

The relationship between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders is present in this story line, with the Shadowhunters believing they’re much better and purer than the Downworlders. I got the feeling that Shadowhunters look down on the Downworlders, but are civil with most because they need their connections.