This episode starts with the Jeremy and Nick going to Toronto to help protect Elena  and to bring Logan to Stonehaven, realizing that the Mutts are attempting to pull them apart to make their plan easier. Elena attempts to do damage control with Phillip after him having found out about her past with Clay, and Clay attempts to keep her inside and safe while they wait for Jeremy.  Elena is forced to say good bye to Phillip to keep him safe, though it’s clear that it’s the last thing she wants to do. Phillip makes his intentions clear to Elena when she goes to say good bye, and Elena cannot bring herself to give him an answer and runs from the apartment while Clay isn’t looking.

Logan begins to panic when one of the Mutts make contact with Rachel, making him fear for her life and the life of their unborn child. He devices a plan to get Rachel out of harms way, offering her a trip to Jamaica that she turns down because of work and tells him to put it off for a month. Logan finally breaks down and tells Rachel they’re in trouble, and that they have to leave town to be safe.

The investigation into a missing man from the town close to Stonehaven forces Jeremy and Nick to deal with the local cops, with the FBI coming in to deal with the possible murder because they believe it is linked to a large number of cases instead of it being a secluded event as it was originally thought to be. Fingerprints from the scene led them to connect it to Thomas Leblanc, one of the criminals that the Mutts changed to help take down the Pack.

Clay finally tells Elena about what Jeremy, Nick, and Joey Stillwell found at the Mutts warehouse: photos of her, a ring from Jeremy’s Father, among other things. The only conclusion the Pack has come to has been that the Mutts want something to do with Elena, and the whole plan is evolving around her. Though, no one knows why they want her so bad or who’s actually orchestrating the whole plan. Though, Clay fills in some blanks: believing that the Mutts want to turn Elena against the Pack and ruin the life that she’s created in Toronto so she has nowhere to turn but to Santos.

Viewers do finally get a face to put to the Mastermind behind the Mutt’s plan, and find out Santos is the one who wants Elena for himself and he is considering her his prize for doing what the man wants.

The intensity with the stories increasing adds to my desire to know what more is going to happen with the story lines, and I really want to know what the Mutts have in store for the Pack members. I find that it doesn’t bother me that they’ve veered off of some of the story lines in the books, and that I’m enjoying these stories just as much as the ones from the book. Though, I’m still iffy on some of the characters I’m still really enjoying the series and am sad that there are only a few more episodes left in the seasons.