Sex and the City, written by Candace Bushnell, is a collection of articles written by Bushnell from the New York Observer about the on goings on New Yorkers and their unusual and hilarious sex lives.

Bushnell introduces us to ‘The Bicycle Boys’, ‘Modelizers’, ‘Psycho Moms’, and others who are looking for love in the Big Apple and takes us on journeys that take a look into just what gets these people off. Bushnell takes us into sex clubs, well known New York hot spots, strip clubs, and parties far and in between.

There are reoccurring characters that appear, such as Carrie Bradshaw, Mr Big, Samantha Jones, Skipper Johnston, Charlotte York, The Bone, Mr Marvelous and Stanford Blach among others that are also featured in Sex and the City the show that was inspired by this book.

But, everyone that Bushnell introduces is looking for the same thing no matter who they are: they’re looking not to be lonely.

The book takes an interesting look on the characters and their relationships, and what keeps them interested in others. It’s an intimate look into the world many people otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to look into: the life of the rich and famous. It shows us there dark secrets, and make us realize that they’re just like us. They’re insecure, needy, lonely, horny, self absorbed, and too absorbed in their work.
A quote from the author of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell.

Ultimately, the book was funny. It was almost a satire of the lives that we think New Yorkers, or people that live in big cities, live. The constant bar, and people, hopping ways of the characters seems almost robotic in the way they do it. They have to be seen at these new and hip places, or everyone will forget about them.