Nick and Jeremy finally make it to Toronto after the Mutts attack Logan, Elena and Clay. They know Clay’s been kidnapped by Santos and Olsen, but Logan and Rachel are missing. Santos calls and forces Elena to meet him, torturing Clay during the phone call to convince her to meet without the Pack as back up.

My book copy of Bitten, the series where the writers got the inspiration for the show, signed by the author; Kelley Armstrong.

After being rushed to the hospital under the facade of the attack on him being a home invasion, Phillip is rushed into surgery after Olsen stabbed him. Logan and Rachel make it to Stonehaven, and Jeremy and Elena work on fixing the stab wound he suffered when Leblanc and Marsten broke into his home in Toronto. Jeremy works his magic on Logan, who obviously regrets the decision of bringing Rachel to Stonehaven.

Elena attempts to go against Jeremy’s orders not to meet up with Santos, but gets locked in the cage instead. Logan heals slowly from the knife wound, and has a heart to heart conversation with Jeremy about the baby and what lies in the future for him and Rachel. Jeremy makes it clear that he is standing behind the Pack rules regarding the Mothers of sons from werewolves, and leaves to meet up with Santos.

Santos takes his time torturing Clay to get information about the Pack, and his jealously shows clearly of Clay and his life. He fills Clay in on his plan to run away with Elena, intending to create ‘perfect werewolves’ with her as both parents would be werewolves instead of just the Father. Elena warns Santos about Jeremy and Nick being at their original meeting spot, and meets up with him somewhere else in town to find out his demands for Clay’s release.

With the finale of the season quickly approaching and the climax surely coming to end off with, I’ve found that I’ve really enjoyed the series. I’m pleasantly surprised at just how well Space did with the story that I’ve loved for years, even with the changes that they did with some of the characters and their stories. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it gets renewed for a second season, and that they would possibly even add in the rest of the characters from the Otherworld series by Kelley.