Set in a future when the city of Chicago is walled in, and everyone is put into different factions that have different jobs: we follow Beatrice Prior when she is about to choose just what faction she will spend the rest of her life in. She has the choice of either staying in the faction she is currently in with her family, Abnegation, or she can choose from the remaining four other factions.

But, what quickly becomes apparent for Beatrice, is that she is different. Beatrice is a Divergent, someone who cannot be controlled and they can’t predict her actions. Instead of this being embraced, it’s quickly found out that Divergents are being hunted and killed. When taking the test that’s meant to tell her what faction she should be in: Beatrice’s results are inconclusive which reveals that she is a Divergent.

She decides to leave her faction and join the Dauntless, the daredevils and military of the compound, and goes through the motions of being inducted and attempting to hide that fact that she is a Divergent.

Beatrice has a hard time figuring out just where she belongs in the world, failing in the physical aspect of her initiation but excelling in the mental aspect. Her trainer, Four, quickly figures out what she is and attempts to help her protect herself. But, nothing can keep her out of the eyes of those in power when they set their plan into motion and it’s obvious who are Divergents and who are not.

Unfortunately: I have no read this book.  It’s on my ever expanding list of books I’d like to read, but I went to see this movie with someone who had read the books and didn’t feel right making him wait to see it when he was clearly excited about this movie. When I do review the book, which I plan to do soon, I will likely come back and edit this post to complain about what was left out.

But, I did enjoy this movie immensely. I feel like it was translated well from the book, but that opinion may change when I do manage to read the books. Eagerly awaiting the second instalment in the series, and would love to hear what my fellow book worms who have read the book thought of the movie. Let me know!