Elena sees Clay in a new light after Jeremy confesses that Clay bit Elena to keep her alive, as Jeremy had (or was going) to order Elena’s death because he thought she had seen him change when Clay brought her to Stonehaven for the first time. She finally accepts the love that Clay has for her, and embraces her own feelings toward him. Elena has a hard time dealing with Jeremy after his confession, though she attempts to put it behind her for the sake of the Pack.

As the Pack prepares for an obvious battle with the Mutts, Jeremy and Nick prepare Stonehaven in case the battle doesn’t go their way. Jeremy mentions secrets that are handed down from Alpha to Alpha that he doesn’t want the Mutts to get a hold of, and also the threat of humans getting the information is too much of a risk.

A screen shot from earlier in the season attempting to explain the relationship that Elena and Nick have, something of a sibling one.

Elena’s quick thinking in the past episode makes it easy for the Pack to track one of the Mutt’s vehicles, realizing that the Mutts are coming to their front door for a fight.They begin to barricade Stonehaven, knowing they can’t keep them out but they can stall them and set up traps when they do break down the doors.

After making sure Rachel was safe in a motel room, Logan goes back to help with the battle against the Mutts. He confronts Jeremy about the Pack laws regarding a child, and reveals that he came back because he considers the Pack his family and won’t let anyone else die at the hands of the Mutts. He also reveals a very dark side to Rachel when the Mutts use her as bait, terrifying her more and more.

Marsten shows his true colours to Elena during the fight, assisting in the death of one of the Mutts and saving her life in the process. The mysterious man that Santos has teamed up with reveals that he is in on Stonehaven’s secrets, revealing his identity and his true intentions. Jeremy hands down his decrees for the surviving Mutts, Marsten and Santos, while one lives and the other dies.

The real mastermind behind the entire Mutt mess is revealed, and he plans to keep coming at the Pack until he gets what he wants. He leaves with a very valuable bargaining chip, and with obvious intentions of attacking the Pack again and again until he succeeds.

I hope I am not alone in saying that I want this show to be renewed, because I want to see where the stories are taken. The writers did an amazing job, and they have me biting my nails in hopes of a new season to be announced. (It hasn’t as of right now, but I will keep my eyes peeled in case there is any mention of it.)