Jake Brigrance is back again in this second novel by John Grisham based in the fictional Clanton, Mississippi defending a hand written will of a millionaire, Seth Hubbard, who left %90 of his fortune to his house keeper by the name of Lettie Lang.

This causes quite the controversy, because in 1988 deep in a racist Mississippi: white men don’t just leave over $20 million to their black house keeper without a very good reason. The gossip immediately leaps to sex, even though Seth had very severe lung cancer which was why he committed suicide.

Seth sends his hand written will to Jake the Friday before he kills himself, and the will (along with a letter explaining exactly what he wants to happen for his funeral and regarding the will) arrive a couple of days after Seth’s death.

Seth’s children fight the hand written will, and their lawyers attempt to prove that Seth wasn’t in his right mind when he wrote the will because of the pain killers he was on to deal with the cancer. They want his original will to be the legitimate one because that means they walk away with Seth’s millions instead of Lettie.

It’s obvious that Jake has a lot to prove with this case, and seems to have a full prove case with the witnesses he’s lined up. But, opposing council plays some dirty tricks on Jake, and it doesn’t seem like he could recover from one of the tricks. But, thanks to Lucian Wilbanks, the crucial evidence he needs come in at the last moment that gives him an even playing field with his not-so-fair opponents.

A photo of the spine of my Sycamore Row, was trying to be artsy.

It’s been three years since A time to kill, Grisham’s first novel with Jake Brigance. Since defending Carl Lee Hailey, a man who was arrested for killing the two men who raped and almost killed his daughter, Jake has dealt with the aftermath of the Klan burning down his home and attempts to keep his practice afloat.

Personally, A time to kill, is one of my favourite books. I could barely contain my excitement when I saw this newest book on the shelves, and was not disappointed.