Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) Radner are settling into their new lives as adults, as they’ve just bought their first home and are raising their first daughter, Stella.Though, the idea of becoming ‘boring’ does frighten them and they revolt against the idea that just because they have a baby means that they’re old and can’t do what they did before the baby.

When a frat house moves in next door, the couple runs into issues that clash with their desire to still be young and hip and to take on the responsibilities of parenthood/adulthood.

At first, they hit it off with the fraternity.

They go over and ask them to keep it down, and they say all they have to do is come over and ask them to keep their partying down and they will. Mac and Kelly even spend an entire night partying when the fraternity throws a housewarming party, where Mac bonds with the frats president, Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron).

But, after Mac and Kelly call the police on the frat after they promised Teddy that they wouldn’t: the frat revolts against their neighbors and make their life a living hell.

In retaliation, Mac and Kelly attempt to give the frat problems to make them move or to get the frat closed down by the school. They attempt to give the frat three strikes by the schools standards, or to get them in trouble with the police.

By the end of the movie, Mac and Kelly do win and their actions result in the frat being closed down. They accept their ‘boring’ lives as new parents, but still do keep themselves young by enjoying the little things with each other and with their friends.

Though, the entire movie was a joke and not much of a thinker: it did have an underlying message to college/university students in the form of Teddy and his frat brothers. Sure, school is fun and usually one rager after another. But, there is the time to drink yourself stupid and pull all nighters, but getting an education when you have the chance is important. Knowing the importance between partying and studying is vital, and will help you in the long run.