Picking up a couple of months after Lover eternal left off with Bella having been kidnapped by a Lesser, Zsadist looking for her. It’s been a while, and everyone assumes that Bella has been dead for a while at the hand of the Lesser. That doesn’t stop Zsadist from his mission to get information about her, and killing all of the Lessers that he can get his hands on.

But, what no one would even think could have happened, is the Lesser (David) has fallen in love with Bella because she reminds him of his girlfriend from when he was a human. During her captivity, David loses all control of his Lesser duties and concentrates on Bella. The only good thing is the Lesser can’t have intercourse with Bella because Lessers are impotent once the Omega turns them into a Lesser.

After some work by the Brotherhood and Zsadist, Bella is found and quickly brought back to the Brotherhood’s mansion where she spends her time with Zsadist as she heals from what the Lesser did to her before she was found. The time they spend together helps them both work through what has happened to them in the past, and results in them becoming mates and Bella becoming pregnant after they go their separate ways.

While all this is going on, the Brotherhood has decided to put together a festival in respect to the Scribe Virgin. Wellsie, Tohrment’s shellan who is pregnant, is heading that part of the festivities. Her life is ended by the Lesser who kidnapped Bella, which results in Tohr disappearing and the Brotherhood to go into mourning to Wellsie.

This was actually one of the harder books for me to read, especially when Wellsie died at the hand of the Lesser along with Sarelle, a fellow civilian. Though, the story did have a ‘happy ending’ as far as the Brotherhood is concerned it was hard to imagine the pain that Tohr was going through.

But, the story did have it’s funny moments when it came to Zsadist and Bella. Bella showed just how strong she was when it came to standing up to him, and surprised the hell out of him in the process.