10 additional episodes of Space’s Canada most-watched original series, Bitten, has been ordered and a second season will begin shooting on location this summer in Toronto, Hamilton and Hespeler.

Fans and celebrities alike took to Twitter and other social media platforms in their RenewBitten campaign when there was no word of weither or not the series was going to have a second season or not, which had almost 5 million fans who tuned in every week to watch the show on Space and wanted to see the Canadian series renewed.

As anyone on this blog knows, the series is based on the Women of the Otherworld series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. As a major fan of the series, this bookworm was excited but wary of what Space would do with the series once they turned it into a show.

According to Kelley Armstrong’s assistant, Alison, the new season will be based on Stolen and will include non-werewolf characters. Alison said that the writers listened to the fans, who had been asking for other characters to be included even though that wasn’t the original plan for Space writers. But, as Kelley isn’t a huge part of the show she directed anyone else to contact Space to answer anymore questions or concerns they have about the upcoming series.

Laura Vandervoort, who plays Elena Mitchael’s in Bitten, helps Space announce the news to fans about Bitten coming back for a second season.

Met with controversy when a major character was killed off, while another’s story was changed drastically from the book, the writers did stay true to Armstrong’s story that we all fell in love with.

With the announcment from Alison mentioned which book the new season will be based on, and that non-werewolf characters will be introduced, it has me on my toes as I anticipate just where the writers will take the story and who will be added in and who won’t be. Any and all news I know will be written here, so keep your eyes open and feel free to message me with any details you happen to know about that hasn’t reach me as of yet.

Also, I’m currently on summer vacation and hence have amble time to myself and my books and television. Is there a series you’d like me to read/watch and review? One of your faves that has hit the big, or little screen? Let me know in the comments, and I will get my hands on them as quickly as I can!