In a future where mutants and humans alike are hunted down and killed by creatures called centennials, Professor Charles Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Wolverine and a couple of other familiar mutant faces devise a plan to send someone back to the past to change the future that has resulted in many innocents dying.

Though, Professor X is the best one to do so, Logan (Wolverine) is the only one who can handle the damage traveling back in time would do to someone’s body.

Wolverine goes back to the 1970’s where the event that shaped the future happened, after mutants had begun to be rounded up and experimented on to see what in their genetics causes them to be mutants. Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters was closed down when the Vietnam war began, and Hank McCoy (Beast) and the Professor stay hidden away in the mansion while Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) is held hundred of feet below the Pentagon for the assassination of JFK.

Though, Wolverine, Hank and Charles manage to prevent Mystique from pulling the trigger on the event that starts the war against mutants: there doesn’t seem to be another way to stop the inevitable future from happening a short time later. Magneto and Mystique attempt to show the threat the humans are to mutants, by showing how much of a threat mutants are to the humans.

But, in the end it comes out that a mutant saved the day. These events change the future that Wolverine goes back to, and he wakes up to the familiar faces of Beast, Storm, Jean Grey and Scott Summers.

As a huge fan of the movies series, this new installment more than lived up to expectations. The mix of old and new didn’t over power each other, and all of the twists, turns and fight scenes kept the entire theater guessing and glued to the edge of their seats.

It gives another timeline that could have happened within the X-men universe, one that didn’t result in the deaths of so many favourite characters and gives us hope that humans can accept change that has been met with fear and it will result in peace instead of war.