Annie Powers seems to be the perfect house wife, and stay at home mom. She takes care of her daughter, Victory, runs errands, and takes some time for herself when she hangs out with her neighbor and friend, Ella Singer.

But, Annie is hiding a dark secret.

One that only her husband, Grey, and his parents know about.

Annie Powers’ real name is Ophelia March, and in her late teens: Ophelia ran away from home with a boy by the name of Marlowe Geary, after someone set fire to her mother’s home and a woman by the name of Janet Parker killed Marlowe’ s Father, Frank, thinking that he had murdered her daughter and Geary went on a murderous rampage across America, leaving dead bodies in his wake and dragging Ophelia with him.

Though, Annie doesn’t remember the journey in it’s entirety. Likely suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Annie has blocked out a lot of her life as Ophelia. It’s her minds way of coping with all of the bad things she saw, and to keep her mind intact.

Slowly, though, Annie begins to get her memories back. After the lies her family has told her to keep her sane begin to unfold in front of her, Annie can’t figure out just what is actually happening and what she has imagined.

Annie realizes that the only way that she will feel at ease, and not as if Marlowe will come and get her, she has to face down the monster and kill him herself. Though, readers can’t be sure if she actually did this or if she imagined the whole thing to set her mind at ease.

This entire book surprised me, because I went into it not thinking very highly of it.

After a couple of chapters, though, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Unger really made even the reader question what Annie was seeing and hearing, because you even questioned yourself from time to time. If characters were even there, or if Annie was completely imagining them altogether.

This book shows that even someone with the worst childhood and teenage years can find someone who actually loves them, and can turn their lives around. The darkness in your past can only control you if you let it, and the love of an honest person will make you stronger and able to face your demons.