When Grace Alexander’s best friend, Selena Devereaux, decides that Grace’s four year sex hiatus needs to come to an end, she does what any caring and loving best friend would do.

Finds a book where a man lies in wait for the next woman to summon him, and once summoned, he will ravish her for an entire month of ‘wild monkey love.’ (Seriously, if your best friend won’t do that for you; you need a new one!)

When summoned, Julian of Macedonia, only has eyes for Grace. His only thought is to pleasure her sexually, and how he expects to be treated by the one who summons him. Instead, Grace reminds him of the person he wants to be and what being cursed drove him to become to being used by the women who summoned him for over two million years.

I enjoy reading outside during the summer months, no matter what book I happen to be reading.

As the son of the Goddess, Aphrodite, and a feared Spartan warrior, Julian was not only destined to become a warrior: he was forced to. Enduring a childhood not many would survive, and making a name for himself that made his enemies quak in fear, came at a cost. Julian only knew what it was like to deal with pain, and having no one love him. The gifts bestowed on him by his Mother only further his isolation, which resulted in him expecting the worst from even those he held dear and the death of the only people he had ever loved.

Ultimately, Grace is the key to freeing Julian from his curse. With the help of his brother, Eros (Cupid), Julian and Grace sumtble onto a loop hole in the curse thanks to Aphrodite and work hard to make sure Julian will never have to go back into the book he was cursed into by his brother, Priapus.

If you’re looking for an romance novel that will make you blush: I strongly suggest starting with this book and continuing with the Dark Hunter series. This is, by far, one of the best romance series I’ve ever read. Not only does it have amazing naughty scenes, but it has rich stories and action scenes that will keep you coming back. Though, the series does introduce readers to a lot of character and, at times, could be hard to keep up with.

But, the stories are vivid and you root for those who are the most damned to be allowed to love again.