The second book in The Mortal Instruments story, brings us back into Clary’s life after Valentine, her Father and an enemy everyone thought was defeated, seems to have disappeared after he stole the Mortal Cup. Her life isn’t back to normal, with her Mother still being in an magically induced coma and she’s fighting an attraction to her ‘brother’, Jace.

It becomes apparent that Valentine is looking for the second Mortal Instrument, the sword, which he steals from the Silent Brothers with the help of the Demon of Fear, Agramon. His plan is to turn the sword against the Shadowhunters, and change it’s abilities to help him control an army of demons.

After it came to light that Jace wasn’t who everyone, including himself, believed him out to be. The Inquisitor for the Clave came to see if Jace was telling the truth. She makes it obvious that she has her own agenda when it comes to Jace, or Jonathon as everyone calls him as it’s his real name, and refuses to believe anything he, or anyone on his side, says.

Sitting in my backyard on an horribly hot day, about to finish City of Ashes.

After Valentine’s plan comes to light after he succeeds in killing Downworld children, and kidnaps children of the Moon and Night, Jace, Luke, Clary, and Magnus Bane, along with the Shadowhunters, break onto Valentine’s boat to fight his army of demons in an attempt to stop him.

The battle results in a number of deaths, and Clary ends up saving the day when an ability no one understands comes to light of hers from earlier in the book. Clare can create ruins, and uses this ability to sink the boat.

This book brought readers back into Clary’s world, and even brought in a name from the prequel series, The Infernal Devices, which makes a lot of sense. With each book that I read with Clary, I become more and more interested in her story. I’m eager to see where Clary goes next in her story, and to see where the people around her go, as well.