As a true bookworm, my desire to walk into a book store and buy all the books is a little overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, my lack of space and funds has restricted me to buying all the books that I want/need.

A little while ago, I set a goal out for myself. I was only allowed to buy new books when I managed to get the books on my to-be-read book shelf onto two shelves, instead of the three that I’ve grown accustomed to. Recently, as I’ve been going on a reading rampage, I finally met this goal!

So, that means I get to go into my local book store and bring home some of the lovelies that I’ve been eyeing!


I do have some books I’ve already been planning to add to my library because they’re apart of a series that I’m currently reading or have caught my eye for one reason or another, but I do want some suggestions if I may not have thought of other books you’d like to see reviewed!

Yes, I know that I have a page dedicated to this, but I’m just so excited that I’m able to buy myself new books!

So, please let me know any and all books you think I’d enjoy! I’m giddy with anticipation of adding to my library, and cannot wait to hear what my fellow bookworms are enjoying.