The idea of not being able to get over a lover isn’t always associated with men, but members of The Broken Hearts Club just cannot let go of the women who scorned them.

The Mechanic. The Banker. The Agent. The Reluctant member, and the psychiatrist who brought them all together. This club isn’t just gathering to talk about their stories, and dealing with the pain with fellow patients. It’s a club that plan to hurt the women who hurt them, which results in the murders of these three women who jilted them.

Attempting to bring the men to justice, is New York Police Detective, Conrad Voort. The murder scenes are almost too much for Voort to deal with, as they’re the worst scenes he’s ever seen in his career as a detective. He and his partner, Mickie, go through a roller coaster ride in an attempt to solve this murder and keep the Club from killing another innocent woman.

Along with wanting to get the killer off the street, Voort worries about his girlfriend: Camilla Ryan. As the relationship falls apart, Voort still wants to keep her safe. Especially when an unlikely connection between Camilla and the club, which results in an trek through a New York snow storm that results in the death of somebody.

This is one of my all time favourite books, and didn’t fail me this time around. The twists and turns Black takes readers on is an intricate maze of love, hatred, murder and confusion. It’s one of those books that has foreshadowing in every encounter, though it’s not always obvious the first time around.