Based in the world of the critically acclaimed AMC’s show, The Walking Dead, Rise of the Governor takes a look at the origins story of the fan favourite villain from the show: The Governor.

The Governor’s (aka Brian)  journey begins with his brother, Philip,  niece, Penny, and two childhood friends of his brother, Bobby and Nick. They travel from their home town in an attempt to find a safe zone, which ends up leading them into the zombie infested Atlanta instead. It becomes quite clear to them that they don’t only have the dead to worry about, but also the living.

Slowly, the small group begins to lose their minds as they travel. They caught a few breaks during their travels, though they usually have the few supplies and weapons stolen from them for one reason or another quite abruptly.

After dealing with the loss of friends, and a very important little girl, it becomes clear that Philip isn’t taking the losses very well. Though, he always seemed like the violent type: he kept himself in check for his daughter’s sake. But, he quickly becomes a monster that is seen as worse than those who want to make a feast of any able bodied human.

By the end of the book, the group makes it to where The Governor puts down his roots: a small town by the name of Woodbury, Georgia. He keeps to himself until the untimely death of Philip and Nick, along with a female occupant of Woodbury. Slowly, Brian loses the fear that has controlled his life until this time. He steps out of Philip’s shadow, and steps into his brother’s personality to give him strength.

Fans of the show know tidbits of the Governor’s origins story, little tid bits that the show has given out during episodes or within the graphic novels. This book allows fans to take an in depth look at the twisted antagonist, and explains why he does what he does and why he is the way he is. The look readers get is quite horrifying to say the least, and makes us wonder if we would take the same transformation if the zombie apocalypse ever did happen.