The Parting Glass, by Emilie Richards, follows the three Donaghue sisters as they deal with new beginnings in their lives. As Megan begins her live as a married woman, Casey embarks on her journey as a mother, and Peggy embraces the family’s history and moves to Ireland in an attempt to understand and work with her autistic son, Kieran.

Looking back into their history reveals a story of rumrunners, forbidden love, death and fortune none of the sisters could believe. Peggy unearths some of the story when she’s living in Ireland, though she concentrates on Kieran and a new man in her life by the name of Fin O’Malley.

Megan has issues accepting married life, and the busy schedule of her husband after a large portion of the family’s saloon, the Whiskey Island Saloon, after him and his charity for teens set about fixing the damage from a tornado. The pair wouldn’t deal with each other properly, and were both miserable for some time early in their marriage.

Casey seems to be the most stable of the three, having been married to her high school sweet heart for some time before Megan figures out that the two are expecting their first child. She supports her sisters, and even manages to go and visit Peggy in Ireland when Megan makes a spur of the moment journey, as well.

The book has a number of interlocking story lines, that takes the readers as far back as prohibition in the states. It explains how things happened, and why certain people ended up in the grave. It dredges up long forgotten secrets of the Donaghue clan, and makes the reader wonder if there are any hidden secrets in their own families history.