New Moon, based on the book by Stephanie Myers of the same name, begins on one of the days that Bella Swan has been dreading since she met Edward Cullen: her 18th birthday.

After an altercation between Bella and Edward’s brother, Jasper, during her birthday celebrations Edward and his family decide to leave Forks for the safety of Bella. As any teenager in love would do when said love of their life leaves them, Bella shuts down and sinks into an all consuming depression that turns her into a zombie.

Among the few things that fill the void that Edward leaving caused is hanging out with an old family friend, Jacob Black. Bella and Jacob become close during the months that they hang out, though Jacob attempts to put some distance between them when a Jacob’s heritage ears it’s ugly head.

Though, it does seem that Edward’s idea of keeping Bella safe if leaving her: it just adds more issues. Victoria comes looking for her, and almost manages to kill her a time or two before Alice has a vision that Bella jumped to her death and Edward finds out. Bella ends up saving Edward, and the two are back together by the end of the movie.

I remember avoiding this movie when it first came out, because I hadn’t enjoyed the book so much. I’d avoided seeing it for a while, before I forced myself to go to a Sunday screening of it the week before it was done in theaters. I’m glad I did, as this is one of the few movies based on a book that I consider better than the book.