After the failings of Charlotte Branwell in Clockwork Angel, who runs the London Institute, her ability to run the Institute are called into question in Clockwork Prince by Benedict Lightwood, a fellow Shadowhunter who has his sites set on running the Institute. Charlotte and Henry are given the task of figuring out where the Magister, or Axel Mortmain, is and bring him to justice for his crimes against the Shadowhunters.

Mortmain and his plans are still a mystery to the Shadowhunters and Tessa, and he continues to elude them at every turn they make and seems to be able to guess each and every move they think of. While looking into his past for answers, Jem, Will and Tessa stumble onto one of Mortmain’s pawns in his plans that links to Will’s family.

It comes to light that Mortmain’s reach is quite far into the Clave, and there is yet another spy of Mortmain’s keeping an eye on the Shadowhunters and a high ranking Shadowhunter is also under Mortmain’s influence. The unraveling of these secrets put brother against brother, and leads to the imprisonment of a Shadowhunter.

As the pieces slowly come together, Will reaches out for the help of a Warlock by the name of Magnus Bane to rid himself of a curse that has been controlling him for 5 years. Which, in the end was a hoax the entire time, and sets Will free to be with Tessa. But, it turns out to be too late for Will and Tessa.

The deeper and deeper into Tessa’s world I go, the more eager I am to learn what happens next. The more she learns about her ability, and attempts to find out why she is the way she is, has me wanting to know badly. I’m eager to finish this trilogy off, and finally get the answers I’ve been craving.