At the age of 16, Beatrice Prior must decide to stay with her family and choose her current faction, or to leave them and be hated by them by choosing another faction.

Abnegation, the selfless.

Dauntless, the brave.

Amity, the peaceful.

Erudite, the intelligent.

Candor, the honest.

The idea is that each person is destined to be in one faction over another, based on what rules their actions and values. Beatrice has issues with choosing, as when she took her placement test: it comes back that she fits in more than one faction. It’s revealed that she’s Divergent, which is bad as many Divergent cannot be controlled and end up dead.

Choosing one of the factions that she fit into, Beatrice decides to enter Dauntless initiation and to leave her family and faction behind. She’s among the weakest of initiates, but she refuses to allow  that to stop her from becoming Dauntless. She changes her name to Tris, and forms a small group of friends who are also transfers from other factions.

When the initiates enter the second phase of initiation,  Tris quickly shoots to the top of the list as being Divergent allows her to manipulate the simulations they must enter to get over their deepest fears.

Ultimately, the Erudite’s plan to gain power comes to light when Dauntless soldiers are forced into a simulation that forces them to murder Abnegation council members and a war is started between the factions.

The idea of this type of type of sorting of people happening is startling, especially since most people would end up as Divergents and end up dead. As taking the quiz offered with the box set of books, I learned that I could be Dauntless, Candor or Amity. As Four mentions in the book, I’d like to be kind, brave, intelligent, selfless, and honest.