As anyone part of any fandom knows, there are a lot of people who don’t understand our connections (or obsession) with fictional characters, places, and stories.

When we go on our rants about a certain plot line that didn’t go the way we wanted or a character we legitimately hate, they give us this look adults give children when they talk about an imaginary friend and usually say something along the lines of: ‘You know it’s not real, right?’ or ‘Those characters aren’t real, why are you so worked up about it?’

This irks me.


Not just because these people are attempting to make you feel bad about being passionate about something you love, but because people generally look down on you because of your excitement for these fictional characters.

For a lot of us: our books, video games, shows, mangas and everything far and in between are the objects that we worship.

We spend hours learning information about characters, places and things that someone created for our enjoyment. We worship the creators for introducing us to a world we never would have known, and don’t need someone who doesn’t understand attempting to make us feel bad for it.

We fall in love with these characters because of their struggles, adventures, heart ache, love and finding themselves. But, we also fall in love with these worlds they show us, and bond with them even though our paths will never cross.

I’m not attempting to justify being a nerd, or make anyone feel bad who doesn’t understand a fandom. All I’m attempting to do is explain why some of us are passionate about books, movies, video games and the worlds they create.

Even though you likely will never understand: it’s real for us.