After managing to help the Lobo Nod’s cops caught the Impressionist, who was reenacting America’s most notorious serial killer William ‘Billy” Cornelius Dent crimes when he went under the name ‘The Artist’, Jasper ‘Jazz’ Dent only has a few months to relaxe before he’s asked to step into another investigation in New York in regards to the ‘Hat-Dog killer’.

No matter how cold the September afternoons get, I attempt to still read outside in my yard. (Yes, that’s a cappuccino on the table and a blanket wrapped around my legs.)

After dealing with his guilt in having something to do with his Father’s escape from prison only four years after he was sent there for killing over 100 people, Jasper steps deeper into the web that his Father has woven since getting out of prison. But, it may be even more complicated than Jasper and his friends fear.

Hat-Dog has been running all over New York, carving a hat or a dog into his victims once he’s finished carving them up and taking his trophies. The murderous game slowly comes together for Jazz, who pieces the bloody pieces together to realize just what game is being played and who’s keeping score.

Connie and Howie, Jasper’s friends back in Nod, also get pulled into the game that Jasper’s Dear Old Dad is playing by digging up some clues and leading Connie right into Billy’s hands.

A mysterious person from Jazz’s past is also revealed to be alive, even though Jazz had assumed that was just another notch on Billy’s long list of victims.

The sequel to I Hunt Killers did not disappoint! Just as chilling, complicated, and page turning as the first. Lyga knows how to weave the strands to his complicated web that is Billy Dent, and has kept me on my toes since I first picked his book a few months ago.