Wanting to establish the timeline off quickly, Gotham starts off with Bruce Wayne’s parents being gunned down by a robber with young Bruce as a witness. While young Catwoman watches from the shadows, Bruce is left alive by the robber in the alley way drenched in his parent’s blood. Rookie Detective, James Gordon, is called out along with Detective Harvey Bullock to the crime scene where they attempt to put the pieces together. Gordon makes a promise to Bruce to caught the man that killed his parents, before the Wayne’s butler, Alfred, came to pick up Bruce.

Bullock makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with the case, as the victims, Martha and Thomas Wayne are among the richest and most power people in Gotham. But, after major crimes approaches them, Bullock changes his mind because of the self-righteousness of the officers looking to take the case from him.  Gordon and Bullock set out in an attempt to close the case quickly, even though Bullock attempted to get rid of Gordon as his partner.

It becomes increasingly obvious throughout the episode that most of the cops are crooked, and willing to look the other way. Which, a lot of the criminals are used to dealing with. Detective Gordon doesn’t seem as willing as his fellow brothers in blue, which doesn’t seem to sit well with Bullock.

Detectives Bullock and Gordon get a lead from Fish Mooney, who leads them to the apparent killer, Mario Pepper,  of Martha and Thomas Wayne who ends up dead after Bullock shoots him. But, Oswald Cobblepot snitches on Mooney to major crimes that the entire thing was a set up. Gordon isn’t too willing to let the real killer walk, though Bullock seems completely willing to let the possible cover up die with the man that he killed.

As the episode continued, villains who Batman friends have come to know, and love, appear as their younger selves. The Riddler. Penguin. Poison Ivy. Catwoman.

The slippery slope into the underbelly of Gotham grabs the viewer as soon as the episode started, choosing to begin the episode at the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents instead of another part in the history of Gotham. It’s a bombshell from the first couple of minutes, introducing us to the major players and the up and comers.

I have high hopes for Gotham, and eagerly await for the next episode.